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Entrusted: To Him Be The Glory
We walk through communion and Jonathan Nason wraps up this summer series and 2 Timothy.
Entrusted: Preach the Word
Jonathan continues to teach out of the 4th chapter of 2 Timothy about the importance of preaching the Word.
Entrusted: The Power of the Word of God
Part 7 of the Summer series, Jonathan teaches on the importance and power of the Word of God.
Entrusted: Part 6
Entrusted: 10 Principles from the Life of Jonah
Associate Pastor Kyle Reno shares principles from the life of Jonah and our responsibility of sharing the Gospel.
The Beautiful Exchange
Jonathan Nason continues in part 4 of Entrusted and teaches through Genesis 3.
Entrusted: Pass it On
Jonathan continues part 3 of the series teaching through 2 Timothy 2:1-13 on how the gospel must be multiplied.
Entrusted: What is the Gospel?
Jonathan Nason continues in 2 Timothy in verses 8-14. "What is the Gospel?"
Entrusted: The Power of the Gospel
Jonathan Nason begins this season teaching through 2 Timothy 1:1-7 and the power behind the Gospel.
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