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Jonathan continues the Freedom series and preaches on conflict within the Body of Christ.
Freedom #5
Jonathan preaches through Galatians 2.
Freedom Over Fear
Jonathan preaches about fear out of Galatians 1:10.
Freedom #3
Jonathan Nason brings the third sermon in the Freedom series.
Freedom #2
The second podcast in the Freedom Series led by Jonathan Nason!
Freedom #1
Listen to week #1 of the Freedom series as Jonathan Nason brings the Word from Galatians!
Q & A from Love, Sex, and Dating series
Q & A from Love, Sex, and Dating series. 
Love, Sex, and Dating – DATING & MARRIAGE
Jonathan wraps up the Love, Sex, and Dating series. 
Love, Sex, and Dating – Sex
In the second part of this series, Jonathan explores sex and its overall Biblical purpose.
Love, Sex, and Dating – LOVE
Jonathan begins the Love, Sex, and Dating series.
Genuine Love – Part 4
Jonathan talks on how genuine loves acts. 
Genuine Love – Part 3
Jonathan speaks on how Genuine Love looks to others.
Genuine Love – Part 2
David Jett explains how we can release sincere love by conquering evil.
Genuine Love – Part 1
Jonathan preaches on Romans 12 and genuine love.
Acts 4
Josh Sinquefield preaches on Acts 4 which tells us three qualities of a believer that is following the mission.
James 1
   Jonathan Nason dives into James 1 and what it means for us to be doers of the Word.
Hearing from God
  David Jett explains how we can hear from God on a daily basis.
Isaiah 30: Turn to God
Jonathan challenges us to Turn to God with our future!
Dwelling in God’s Presence
Jonathan stresses the importance of “Dwelling in God’s Presence” every single day.  He teaches out of Psalm 27
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