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God is Faithful
Jonathan tells the story of his son Samuel and how God is Faithful
John 15: I AM the Vine
Jonathan preaches on the importance of abiding in Christ
John 11: I AM the Resurrection and the Life
Jonathan walks through John 11 and the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from death
John 10: I AM the Good Shepherd
Jonathan asks the question, “Who are you following?”
John 8: Before Abraham was I AM
Marshall West argues the deity of Jesus through John 8
John 8: I AM the Light of the World
Jonathan Nason shows how Christ is the Light of the World through the story of the woman caught in adultery
John 6: I AM the Bread of Life
Jonathan begins “I AM” summer series in John 6 with Jesus statement, “I AM the Bread of Life.”
John 6: Jesus walking on water
Jonathan finishes out the season by talking about Jesus walking on water!
John 5: Jesus is God
Jonathan walks through John 5:18-29 and shows how Jesus is equal with God.
John 5: Greatness of God
Jonathan talks about the Greatness of God and the Personableness of God
Titus 2
Josh Sinquefield asks the question, “What happens when Jesus shows up?”
Marshall West
Marshall West preaches the Movement for the first time and teaches on what it means to meet with God on a daily basis.
Reproduce: John 4
Jonathan Nason finishes series in John 4 with Reproduce
Reach- John 4
  Jonathan begins a new series untitled Reach. Restore. Reproduce. in John 4
Cultivating Community
Jonathan Nason walks us through Acts 2:42-47 and the importance of community  
Cornerstone: For God so Loved…
Jonathan Nason walks us through John 3 and the mission of Christ to redeem and to restore
Cornerstone: the Miracle of Purification and the Discipline of Sanctification
Jonathan Nason walks us through John 2 and the significance of Jesus’ first miracle and cleansing the temple
Interview with Chris Willson and Stephanie Brandon
Cornerstone: Culture of Invitation
Cornerstone: Behold the Lamb of God
Jonathan Nason continues to walk us through the book of John
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