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The Gosses
Nathan & Carlie Goss “Marriage: Not Easy, but Natural”             In an age where marriage seems so distant, our world has advocated more about staying single as long as possible. Well, of course, this would be the case because being single in the college and 20’s era hasn’t necessarily meant staying out of marriage activities. Simply put, our generation wants to participate, but not commit.
Erin Wilson
Erin Wilson “Find Healing in Mexico”             From June 1st to July 13th, Erin was able to become the first intern at the Mexico Outreach Center in Parras, Mexico. Starting in fourth grade, Erin began trips to Parras. This began a deep connection and love for the people there, and after sixth grade she went back every summer.
The Nasons
Jonathan Nason College and 20’s Pastor Meet Jonathan. He’s 24, still in school, married with a baby on the way, and shepherds the college students and 20-something aged adults in the area. Did I mention he is 24 years old? First of all, I can boast in who he is because his life is the work of God through the blood of Jesus, lead evidently by the Holy Spirit; and, that he ...
Mathew Missionary in Southeast Asia “The Path to Southeast Asia”             On his first mission trip to Mexico in 8th grade Mat gave his life to Christ. That became the forefront of what his life would eventually look like: “Living a life for the Lord, you must be passionate about people more than yourself.” From that trip on he continued going on short-term mission trips, which eventually lead him to Southeast Asia in ...
Morgan Maxey
 Morgan Maxey Incoming Freshmen “From a Written Script to Blank Pages” Theatre, since her freshmen year in high school, has been the top priority and influence in her life. Life solely led by God, focused on God, and listening to God was tampered severely by her consumption in theatre. Trying to impress her teacher and classmates led her down an internally infected path, which on the outside looked like theatrical success.
Ryan Vo
Ryan Vo Summer Intern for College & 20’s ministry and Student at Southern Miss “The Only One without a Cross”   “I was 5 years old sitting in my kindergarten class and was the only one without a cross necklace on.” This might not seem like a huge deal to most kids, but for Ryan this was one less thing he needed to put him against the crowd.
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