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Christmas Party
It’s time for our annual Christmas Party! It’s all going down THIS Monday Night, December 15th, at 7PM in Clinton, MS.  Make sure to bring your favorite holiday snack because everything is Pot-Luck. Be there!
Pool Party
            On June 12th,we will be having a Pool Party instead of the Movement!  The party will be at Claire Crockett’s house (226 Providence Dr. Brandon, MS 39042).  The party starts at 6 so b
Coffee Groups
          It is a Christian’s responsibility to make disciples and be discipled. We wish to offer an easy way to get this process started with Coffee Groups. This is a chance for you to plug into a guys-only or girls-only coffee group. Sign up be emailing or any college event (life group or movement) today!
Geyser Falls
            Who doesn’t love water parks?!?!  For anyone who would like to go, the Movement is going to take a trip to Geyser Falls on June 21st!  We will meet and leave from Crossgates at 9AM that Saturday.  The cost for admission is $40.  This will be the only cost other than whatever meals or food you wish to purchase.
            This Summer in the Movement the series will be titled “Basics”.  We will be exploring foundational topics that we believe every Christian should live their life according to.  The Movement starts back Thursday May 29th, at 7:30pm!
Items to bring to Secret Church
Each Secret Church event has a focus on the persecuted church in a certain country or area.  This year’s focus is on the central asian church.    We are going to be gathering and sending items in a care package for the persecuted church there directly. coffee (regular and decaf) red hots condensed milk mint chocolate caramel oreos cheese popcorn salt cereal (we only get cheerios here) marshmallows/marshmallow creme chewy sweet tarts/sprees pop tarts laffy taffy scented candles sanitizer (purse size and regular) vanilla extract powdered ...
Super Bowl Parties
Sunday, February 2nd, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will be squaring off in Super Bowl XLVIII. Join us and invite your friends to watch the game, fellowship, and eat pizza at one of our LifeGroup homes.  The game begins at 5:30pm but do not hesitate to arrive at 5PM! There will be a party at Adam Morgan and Caleb Jett’s house in Clinton (300 Church St.
Christmas Party
Don’t miss out this coming Monday night!  We are having our annual Christmas party at C’Paw’s.  It all starts at 7PM.  We will have food, games, and some great hangout time.  We really need everyone to try and bring some sort of food item. Take a look at this list and send an email or text so we can add you to the sign up list.
The Hodges
Through some smooth moves and the help of his roommate, Bennon Hodges, an outgoing guy from Memphis, Tennessee, landed the cell-phone number of a blue-eyed brunette from Petal, Mississippi on January 17th, 2010.  Caroline was her name.  In contrast to his upbeat, loud personality, Caroline was the perfect counterpart with her sweet, compassionate spirit.   It was at Mississippi College where their relationship would flourish During the spring semester in 2010, ...
Marshall West
Marshall West preaches the Movement for the first time and teaches on what it means to meet with God on a daily basis.
Cornerstone: The Word Became Flesh Pt.1
Jonathan begins the first chapter of the book of John in the series, Cornerstone.
Interview with Pastor Waldir
Jonathan interviews Pastor Waldir from Brazil.
Cornerstone: Part 1
Jonathan Nason begins the fall series "Cornerstone" teaching from 1 Peter.
The Vision of the Movement
Jonathan Nason kicks off this season by casting the vision of the Movement College and 20s Ministry. As we Encounter Him we will Make Disciples and go out to Change the World.
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