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Mission Memphis

November 19th, 2013

With Mission Memphis just around the corner, we wanted to give you a more detailed look into what will be going on and what to expect.

Here are the facts:

Each morning, we will hear from one of the three college pastors from the respective churches in attendance. (Crossgates, Bellevue, and Faith).  After this, we will all eat lunch together then disperse to our mission sites.  We will have the neat opportunity to serve as the body of Christ collectively.  For these mission projects, they will be practical whether it is physical work or feeding and clothing the poor.  For dinner, everyone will be on their own and eat in restaurants.  After dinner, we will meet back up again to hear solid and challenging teaching from one of the three respective pastors (Bro. David Jett, Dr. Steve Gaines, and Dr. Danny Sinquefield).  Throughout the entire trip, we will be worshipping whether it is in service or in song.  Bellarive is going to lead us to the throne of God in music this week.  Check them out on their website ( or on iTunes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for retreat, revival, worship, service, fun, and fellowship!  We are going to have a great time!


Call (601) 824-2712 or bring your money to Crossgates! 


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