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Leaders Needed!

August 12th, 2013

Want to serve?  Well we need your help!  We need some specific help in the communications areas of ministry.  Some opportunities are listed below; if you are interested in any of these areas please contact Bennon Hodges @

I-write-my-heart-on-a-paper-writing-34664948-500-375If you are a gifted writer and want to be a part of our Story Team, we could use you.  The mission of the Story Team is to capture the stories of what Christ is doing in the lives of others and then sharing those stories with the world via a written story that is placed on our website.  You can see some examples by clicking on the Story Team link in the menu bar.  We believe that people’s individual stories are the number one way that they can glorify Christ through evangelism.  Stories bring many forms of emotions and touch people in unique ways.  We want to put those stories on display for the encouragement of others and we feel the best way to do that is through this website and the Story Team.  If you are a writer, then this is a great way to serve Christ in this community of believers.  As a part of the Story Team you are heralding the gospel in a unique and tangible way.  Won’t you join us?

video productionMaybe your talent is more in the Media realm.  We have a place for you as well.  We are also wanting to share stories via video.  We are looking for those who have experience with photography and video to help us capture what Christ is doing in this community on film.  We need people to help us take pictures/video of events, worship services, promo videos, etc.

sound board

We are also looking for help on Thursday nights running Audio and Video elements.  We need someone who is willing to commit to be a part of the Movement in a leadership role and be faithful to attending the Movement on Thursday nights.  We are looking for someone to run ProPresenter, shoot the video podcast, and run the soundboard and lights.

Most of these leadership opportunities are behind the scenes but they are vital to help our community encounter a loving God on Thursday nights and advance his kingdom in tangible ways.  We need your help and ask you to use the skills that God has given you to bring him honor and glory!  Lead now!

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