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The Gosses

July 31st, 2013

Nathan & Carlie Goss

“Marriage: Not Easy, but Natural”


            In an age where marriage seems so distant, our world has advocated more about staying single as long as possible. Well, of course, this would be the case because being single in the college and 20’s era hasn’t necessarily meant staying out of marriage activities. Simply put, our generation wants to participate, but not commit. Nathan and Carlie, 23 and 25, in school and working full time: this couple knows commitment.

Being committed to The Movement’s ministry since they both began college, they have seen the beginning hardships and current blessings they’ve entrusted God to build into something with great purpose. Just like a ministry, their marriage isn’t something they walked into knowing the outcome years down the road, but know the One who does and who blesses those that follow Him into the unknown.

271180_10150295222189935_2982705_nA year into their marriage, here is how they put it: “It’s AWESOME. It’s not easy, but it’s natural.” Coming into their marriage they were encouraged to join a Married LifeGroup, which at first was what they thought they wanted. They, however, saw that they already had a role in the College and 20’s ministry and knew this was where God was going to use them. With marriage, came unintentional leadership roles. Marriage gave them, as they put it, a mask of attraction that led people to their door seeking advice and wisdom. God gave them favor with those who needed them together, and even with the so-called “mask”; it gave way for God to speak into more lives being married than being single. Their ministry in The Movement, primarily, has been serving on the worship team. They both sing, and Nathan plays acoustic guitar. More importantly, they have committed their lives and marriage to teach and love on this generation.

Marriage certainly has taught them a lot about who they are. For Nathan, he has learned sacrifice comes with every moment of his life. The biggest transition for him was his desire and duty to be at home with his wife, instead of simply hanging with his buddies anytime he wanted. “Marriage is a beautiful structure.” For Carlie, she found out how selfish she was. She has learned to die to herself, to control her selfish desires, and to only speak and do what is beneficial.

They’ve been married for almost a year, dated 4 years prior, and have together formed a heart for the nations. They saw the power in unifying the body to change the world when The Movement looked outward into the needs of the world and did something about it. Nathan and Carlie see a future in short-term missions or potentially permanent foreign missions. Their perspective is simply advancing the gospel wherever they are, serving each other, and taking on the role God has given them in marriage and in the Kingdom.


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